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Return To Sender

or how to send mail

return to sender
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Ok, this is a community that represents people who still like to use Snail-Mail to correspond with people. In other words, we send postcards to each other back and forth, telling each other about ourselves, a trip, or just talking about stuff.

Here are the rules:

1) Any mail you send to someone, you pay for. Simple as that.

2) Restrict the mail type sent to either letters or postcards

3) When you receive mail, post who sent it, when it arrived, what it talked about, and when you plan on sending a response back, and possibly some personal thoughts or feelings about the mail's content you received.

4) You must be over the age of 13 to participate. It would at least be appreciated if you were.

5) Please keep people's address to yourself. IF YOU POST A PERSON'S ADDRESS WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION, YOU WILL BE GIVEN DAS BOOT! I'm serious folks. We're talking about deep seated privacy issues here.

6) Please be kind and keep negative language to a minimum.

7) If anything illegal and/or confidential is sent via the mail, and/or discussed here, I reserve the right as the moderator to inform the proper authorities.
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